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- Born in Puerto Rico - Raised in TEXAS -

44 years in the making | 174p / 8.5x11 / HardCover / 

This is an art & autobiography coffee table book that is richly illustrated for a visual journey through the extraordinary mind of Artist Daniel Quiñones

For over several decades, Artist Daniel Quiñones has been creating for audiences of all ages. His art, illustrations, designs, animations, feature a wide range of styles and subject matters that captivate the mind. From comics to children's stories with a wide range of characters he explores subject matters and stories for kids and adults that are challenging, educating, fun, gritty, and timeless. Celebrated and admired around the globe for his artistic style, skill, vision and deeply humanistic values, Artist Daniel Quiñones has influenced many who have come in contact with his work. The universal appeal with easy and thought provoking topics captured in whimsical and natural settings with an assortment of ideas, from cute robots, superheroes and graffiti style characters, his art cuts across cultural boundaries.