Love Roboughty is a Robot who loves, serves and teaches. 


Love Roboughty wants to break barriers from within his metallic core  and reach out with the value of love. 

His purpose is to bring unity, spread joy, teach through his action and most of all love.


Love Roboughty wants to teach life lessons &  early education through books, music, toys and animation that take us on his adventures to whimsical worlds meeting fun characters in his pursuit to spread love.

Love Roboughty spreads love
every moment of his life no

matter the circumstances.

What does Love Roboughty do? Love, serve and teach

love_roboughty_Sharing Song

Love Roboughty travels across the

universe meeting amazing new friends in his quest to spread Love.

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How does he spread love? Through his actions.

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love_roboughty_Sharing Song