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Morning Oatmeal

After I became a mother I started to research foods that would boost my milk supply. Thankfully oats was on that list and I created a breakfast my husband and I enjoyed almost every other day for a couple months.

I've always loved oatmeal growing up but when I got more wise in my understanding of ingredient integrity I began switching up quality.  And one of those ingredients are organic old fashioned rolled oats!  

A few reasons I love oats:

  • Curbs hunger which makes you feel fuller longer.

  • High in fiber so its great for gut health

  • Stabilizes blood sugared reduces type 2 diabetes

  • Removes bad cholesterol 

  • Gluten safe for all my friends who can't eat gluten!

  • Protects against heart disease, heart failure and cancer

  • Enhances the immune system

  • Tastes great and easy to make!

Serving size 1-2


1/2c organic, non-gmo oats

1/4c filtered water

1/4 hemp milk (alternatives can be used also)

1tbsp maple syrup

1-2 tbsp coconut oil or grassfed butter

1 pinch cinnamon optional


Boil water and hemp milk, stir in oats. Let is cook on medium/low until it gets to the consistency you like. Mix in coconut oil and maple syrup.

Place into serving bowl(s). Top with hemp hearts, banana slices, walnuts or your favorite nuts, seeds or fruits!!


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