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My Favorite Things 2016

I've compiled a list of some of the brands our family enjoyed in 2016 from small businesses. Below are children's clothing, non-toxic toys and home decor we enjoyed!

Photography by Toys clockwise: Llama by Lovely's Llamas  Bunny by WIllingBarkisBaby  Bear by ValsArtStudio  Lamb Puppet by WoodandCare  Deer and Boat by Oli&Carol  Felted Bunny by FoxyCompany  Wooden Dolls by MyBigWorld2015  ABC Book by LoveRoboughty  Monkey by OnlyOneKnitToys Mustard onesie and knee high socks by tlcrochetknitting Boots by GraciousMay.

When I began navigating what we would give our daughter to play with, handmade toys was top of our list accompanying organic and eco-friendly materials.  Healthy choices

Romper, blouse and headband by AngAngBaby Linen Bear by ValsArtStudio

Rare always important to me in stewardship as well as supporting good

Custom Doll by Freckles and Flip Flops White Velvet pumpkins by SSDesign7

ethics, sustainability and supporting small business.  I am super honored to have been able to collaborate with a few businesses that create pieces my daughter will be able to pass on to her children one day.

Unicorn Mount by Mainsail Studio

We knew we didn't want to give her screens for a multitude of reasons in which I will cover in another post.  We wanted to give her toys that would help spark her imagination

Blanket by Triple Tiger Linen blouse and bloomers by Dabishoo Llama plushie by LovelysLlamas

and engage with others.   When we have conversations with others, we always imagined her partaking in them and vocalizing her own thoughts and questions.  

Dress by BabybeHappy Skirt by DamselDesigned

These are some of the values we hope to instill in our daughter and another reason we felt so strongly about world schooling her in which I will write about in another post if anyone is interested in our conclusions.  

Floral robe by SilkandMore Iphone case by tmbrwood Knitted raccoon by LeeleeDooShop Pencil pouch, phone case and ear bud wrap by Westerman Bag Alpaca bear plushie by LANARTnet Linen blanket by EmoryJames Striped burlap pillow by Medreana Apple earphones: Black Fedora: Midori Bullet Pen:

Supporting small business is such a great thing to pass on to our baby and hopefully she will see the value as we travel and help charities along the way.

Knitted bunny by SugarCarousel Robot blanket and red bonnet by AnExtraBlessing Organic Thermal Pajamas:

Etsy has been a great place to meet and collaborate with artisans who share the love of art.  (which is where I 'met' most of the crafters of the pieces on this post!)

Baby shoes by Monpetit Shoes

They not only skillfully create adorable toys but sew in love with every stitch!  

Chunky Knitted Socks by OverdueMuse

If you are able to give a child a gift I whole heartedly encourage you to purchase one

Pink boble knit bonnet and knee high socks by tlcrochetknitting Boots by GraciousMay

from a family who could use the funds to support their family.  

Oatmeal linen dress by CanvasHouseDesigns Raccoon by Pink Linen hanging blouse by Dabishoo Pink earred bonnet by RunaroundRetro Horse pillow by BeetrootPress Wall Art by WeavingMyStory Robot Bear by ValsArtStudio Llama plushie by LovelysLlamas

These super adorable toys will surely become our family heirlooms and a joy to see our little one play with

Tulle Skirt by Reathua

Baby Moccasins by MoccasinsbyDesi White rug:

Organic Pink thermals by L'OvedBaby Narwhal Plushie by LovelysLlamas White Bamboo Sheets by FiberElement

Grey Kitty Swaddle and panda rattle by MasekBaby

Moccasins by AuthenticNativeMade Dream Animals Book : White rug:

Teepee by MoozleTeePee White rug: Party garland: Brown Bowler Hat:

I hope you enjoyed our list of favorite things for 2016! We love representing small businesses and visions that promote healthy living! If you have a brand that needs #productphotography or lifestyle shots, please don't hesitate to contact me for further information!

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