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My Favorite Things 2017

It's that time of year again and our home is overflowing with newborn love and a bubbly 2 year old that forever keeps us on our toes.  

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of supporting family/small businesses!  

Maybe it is because I come from a family of craftsmen or maybe it's because I truly appreciate high-quality, hand-crafted goods that have a holistic sustainable life from sourced organic materials that make our carbon footprint less traceable to putting food on the table of honest hard working families.  Whatever it may be, handmade always takes the cake when it comes to anything fashion, home decor or toys for me!

So without further delay, below is my 2017 list of Favorite Things!

Baby Ethica just a day old is wearing a beautiful wool knit piece by OlgaKnitted, a timeless linen romper from SheLovesHerMama and cozy tights from Collegien.

Unique Artist made children's books are hard to find, and this one just so happens to be made by my fellow artist and husband, Love Roboughty ABC book:! Also pictured here are fantastic wood mountain blocks by WoodBlockCompany and beautiful fall inspired flower headpieces by the lovely SimpleTreeBoutique Fox Socks:

Knitted Pixie from TheLittleClothShop Rewind to this retro inspired sweater by HundredPieces from the Smallable Store. Don't forget your silliest face and to put your shoes on backwards ;)

Super soft organic footed pajamas from BoodyWear. A warm sweater from KnitCatBoutique and a pixie from TheLittleClothShop for a snuggly moment with your newborn.

White Moravian Star Lights: Linen Bear by Katjuskashop Velvet dress and bow is by the talented Joy Plus Love Pink purse by ACraftyConcept.

This pink painting is by your truly and will become available shortly as a print. Meanwhile, this beautiful velvet dress and bow is by the talented Joy Plus Love. The cute linen bear is hand crafted by Katjuskashop. And that adorable pink knitted boho bag is created by ACraftyConcept.

Need a show stopper for your biggest wall? UpTheWallflower creates pieces that add so much texture and dimension to any bohemian wanderlust homebody's home. Oh and that beautiful doll baby is wearing organic pajamas from BoodyWear and a sweet knitted pixie by TheLittleClothShop. White Moravian Star Lights: Sheepskin rug:

Baby Ethica is wearing a beautiful knitted romper and boble bonnet in Autumn colors by the ever so talented Pontinhosmeus . This heart pillow was made by my grandmother from pieces of my late grandfather's ties. Sheepskin rug:

This fun macrame swing that keeps my baby girl laughing was created by Moe + Piper. That super trendy pom pom basket is by PanierOsez and holds tons of cute plushies like the lambs here from Cuddle+Kind and bear from LANARTnet! Ikea White Reclining Chair:

These sleeping beauties are wearing adorable pixies by TheLittleClothShop a forever unique baby blanket by TripleTiger and precious leather purse by MiniMigi! Linen Bear by Katjuskashop. Mustard sweater:

You can't go wrong with a playful linen romper with a ruffle booty! This one is by SheLovesHerMama paired with a beautiful velvet bow by ElleBeeAcc which goes with literally everything! AND those vintage inspired baby shoes by L'amour Shoes:!

This gorgeous handmade felt wreath is perfect for the Fall season and is made by EmbellishedLiving. That beautiful pom pom basket is by Nomad Cloth. My precious baby girls are wearing boble knit bonnets and mustard romper is made by Pontinhosmeus paired with tights by Collegien. Those pretty velvet pumpkins are made by SSDesign7. Sheepskin rug:

This doll baby is wrapped in the most softest luxurious organic bamboo swaddle by BoodyWear. She is laying on a beautiful knitted rug by Miann & Co. And that dope wood watch is by Golleti.

And in case you don't like wearing an ultra cool wood watch on your wrist, you always have the option to carry a super hipster chain watch from Golleti alongside your growing family. But, don't forget to put a classic DianaRoseBoutique bow in your baby's hair! Sheepskin rug:

Holiday home decor isn't complete without a beautiful aromatic wreath by ClubBotanic. Shoes by L'Amour Shoes and bow by ElleBeeAcc. Baby Romper:

Baby cakes is wearing a knitted romper by OlgaKnitted and a knitted mustard cardigan by MiniMaeCrochet. The vintage style kitty pixie is crafted by Ussuriknits. These beautiful knitted lambs are made by Cuddle + Kind, a brand in which I have a special extra love for as they provides 10 meals for every doll made! This knitted rug is by Miann & Co.

This gorgeous macrame wall art is created by the talented Mgnoliasun.

The cutest nap time pillow and wood buttoned cardigan by Miann & Co. The vintage style kitty pixie is crafted by the talented Ussuriknits. Sheepskin rug:

Organic Milkmaid Tea is a perfect herbal blend that you want to make sure you get as a new mama from EarthMamaOrganics.

I used EarthMamaOrganics pretty much exclusively after the birth of my 1st and 2nd born for aftercare. They have teas, lotions, sprays, and more. Everything you need for aftercare for the amazing body that gave your children life. This beautiful knitted cardigan was created by CarrigKnits and precious bonnet by MiniMaeCrochet. And that sample children's book "Princesses With Purpose" is by yours truly! More info coming soon! Sheepskin rug:

Whatcha think?!

My perfect Fall weather sweater here is by KnitCatBoutique. Poetica's pixie knit bonnet is created by Ussuriknits. And that book!

Macrame wall art by UpTheWallflower . White tipped baby playstation created by Clover & Birch and they make beautiful wood matching games too which Poetica is playing with by her feet. White pom pom baskets are a must for keeping toys organized and styled, this one is from Nomad Cloth. Every girl need a princess tutu to twirl in and this one is by Evie and Sash. Ethica is wearing a luxurious velour footed overall by L'oved Baby. Sheepskin rug: White Moravian Star Lights:

So until next time, we'll be here taking life one day at a time, making memories and doing our best to encourage and uplift others. This tulle skirt I'm wearing is by the ever blissful BlissTulle, every girl and woman must have at least one in their wardrobe! Sheepskin rug:

There's nothing like being able to work with brands that put their heart into their goods.  If you are still looking for something personal, unique and/or custom.  You would do yourself and your loved ones a great favor by purchasing items from brands like the ones I've mentioned above.  They are timeless treasures that can be passed on to your children's children.  

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