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Relationship Foundations II

In the past 10 years I began to experience relationships deeper.  I have had to dig deep, look past what has been passed down to me, my heritage, traditions, signs, symbols, unfollow my heart, clear away the clutter, to see His Word.  

There is nothing greater than finally getting to know His purpose, plan and goals for me.  Much of the beauty of marriage and family has been slowly stripped away from our lives like dead fish being swept away with the flow of the river. I say this mainly as an American where freedom to has been a staple to get to where we are now and to the handcuffs we are beginning to tighten and lock on ourselves.  

Yup, the truth isn't tailored to our every whim and it isn't God's job to give us everything we desire.

I've learned so much about a Father and Husbands role I had no idea about.  And so from one blind person to another I leave a few videos that have really opened my eyes.

This life has presented me more and more with things to treasure and hold in priority as the days are given.  I am thankful for leaders who are willing to be mocked to stand for the beauty in truth.  

I ask this to you, what have you had to unlearn growing up in light of God's Word?  How has it helped shape your perspective and love others with a deeper love?​

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