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Taco Seasoning

I talk about ingredient integrity a lot because it is EVERYTHING! 

Where you source your foods from will have a lot to do with how potent and nutrient dense it will be.  Not only that but it if is mixed with numerous unnecessary toxins, you will unfortunately reap those effects too.   

So in interest to exchange the old with the new.  I created a taco seasoning we use at our home I make from the organic seasonings found at our local health food store.  Here is my recipe that I pour into a large air-tight glass jar and use for our tacos!


1.76 oz Organic, Non-GMO garlic powder

1.76 oz Organic, Non-GMO onion powder

1.76 oz Organic, Non-GMO paprika

1.76 oz Organic, Non-GMO chili

2 tbsp Organic, Non-GMO black pepper

2 tbsp Organic, Non-GMO celtic sea salt

1 tbsp Organic, Non-GMO cayenne powder (this can vary depending on the hotness you like)

What other flavors do you like to put in your taco seasoning?

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