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Travel Houston

As we embark on world schooling our little one along with hopes to serve the

communities we are able to share life with along the way, my husband and I want to record our travels for those interested in getting local information.   It will especially be insightful for families with small children as I am beginning to search for kid friendly places to stimulate our little one's mind.

That being said I won't be posting about places that keep animals mainly for entertainment in small captivity or places with heavy digital media as the centerpiece of the attraction.  

With intention we are looking to support:

  • engaging in conversation

  • family farms

  • peaceful rides

  • landmarks

  • gardens

  • community

  • historic qualities

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple

You may think you are in another country but in fact you are at a beautifully hand-carved, white marble Indian temple imported from Italy, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir.  If you have more than 2 days in Houston travel south west of downtown down the 59 and into Sugar Land, it is worth the visit!  

Although we don't share the same beliefs, my husband and I truly appreciated the beautiful craftsmanship in this architecture.

The mandir, located in the Houston suburb of Stafford was built in 28 months and consists of 33,000 pieces of hand-carved Italian marble and Turkish limestone.  The mandir is the largest of its kind in

Texas and was constructed according to guidelines outlined in ancient Hindu scriptures. The grounds spread over 22 acres and in addition to the mandir, include a haveli and the Understanding Hinduism exhibition.  The haveli is a cultural center in which weekly congregations are held. 

We were greeted by a man who made sure we knew the name of the temple we were visiting and made us repeat it about 10 times before we entered.  So practice on your ride there! hehe! 

Majestic Longhorns

These beauties are simply amazing up close.  But don't get too close!  They will charge you!  These creatures are located in Katy right next to the Katy Mills mall.  Their land is being bought up for new development and the owner is actually selling them among the other animals on his land.  So if you are in town before too long, be sure to visit them!

Gorgeous Oak Trees of Rice University

Got time to be inspired?  The neighborhoods of Rice University are inhabited by gorgeous old oak trees that span across the wide streets creating tunnels for beautiful cranes to nest in during the spring. Some of the streets even have sidewalks made of brick in the middle for joggers and strolling families.  One thing is for sure, if ever the people abandoned this city, the wildlife and would quickly reclaim its land.

Summer is sure to woo you as the rains continue to flourish all the plant life.   Think steam room meets work out.  That's two times the sweat. Two times.

Discovery Green

Nestled in downtowns bustling business district lies Discovery Green with all it's

wonderful city sites, interactive sculptures, water fountains, rolling hills, horse carriage

rides, eateries and music.

This area is free to roam, take in the sights or spend a little extra for a kayak trip around the water.

 There's also a cute little market called Phoenicia Deli where you can pick up some

healthy snacks and have a picnic out on the lawn or pull up a cute bistro chair to look out

on the beautiful sites of downtown while you fuel back up!

Don't forget to pack your water wear if you plan on jumping in the giant splash pad!

There is also a really great park to go to that you could easily spend a whole day at.  There are things that cost but there are also things you can do completely free and still have a great time to fill your memory banks and it's called Hermann Park.

We started our day moseying about the grounds taking in all the sites and trails through the park.

General Sam Houston, sitting atop his horse, Saracen, has watched over the entrance to Hermann Park at Montrose and Main streets since 1925. The bronze sculpture was created by Enrico Filiberto Cerrachio (1880-1956) and was funded by the Women’s City Club. Frank Teich (1856-1939) sculpted the massive granite arch that Sam supports Sam Houston and his horse. The iconic statue was lovingly restored by the Houston Municipal Art Commission in 1996.

It's never too early to spend father daughter time talking through the simplest things of life.

And you're bound to run into a squirrel that is completely too hot to care... 

After feeding the ducks we walked across a bridge to the paddle boats for a trip around the ponds.

They were only $10 for all three of us!

Later that night, Poetica watched her first play, Shakespeare at the Miller Outdoor Theatre.

All year round there seems to be beauty at the McGovern Centennial Gardens which is just across the street.

We ended our day the the museum where we could cool off from the rising sun of Houston to run around the gift shop and moving lights on the floor of the museum hall entrance.

Theres far too much more to do and things worth spending money on like the Butterfly

Center, train ride and zoo if you're into those things.  But if you're trying to keep your budget low, pack a picnic, a bathing suit for the splash pads, and some walking shoes to discover the paths along the 80 acres of Brays bayou.



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