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The Premium Design is an independent brand design agency.

We are a creative group of humans that design and execute for the outcome of good.  

With creative backgrounds across many industries rooted

in purpose, we view and understand the expressing change, we execute, art,

design, for the future of timeless expression. 

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Melissa J. Leslie Quinones

Blogger, Health seeker, Taste-maker

Melissa is an all-around creative in the kitchen, on the canvas, in film and photography, in the home, and for events.  Because she is always looking for ways to help other creatives and honest farming while supporting small businesses, she emphasizes the importance to vote with your dollar on the foods you purchase that not only support families financially but protects our earth by not poisoning it.  She loves organic, non-GMO, and fair trade when possible.

It takes more time to help others but life wouldn't be complete without doing all she can to reach out.


FREE 40-pg EBOOK "Provisions" A guide to healthy snacking! 

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You may notice most of our recipes are unique. This happened for three reasons:

1. Melissa is on a life-long journey to preparing her body from the antibiotics big pharma pushed on her for over 6 years straight.  She enjoys getting all the raw foods she can to rebuild, detox, and nourish her body with stewardship as her main goal.

2. Both have made changes to their diet for health reasons.  Their main things to avoid are chemicals and grains.  They have been limiting their conventional meats, dairy, and sugar to where they may not have it for weeks and won't notice.

3. We love getting more foods into our diet!

They are aware that there are increasingly larger numbers of people with food sensitivities they believe it is because of what is being put into them that is the main cause in America.  They feel it shouldn't be so hard to get healthy options and recipes that are flavorful and exciting.  Melissa loves developing traditional dishes with higher quality ingredients and seeing others take back their health consistently.